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J. David DiosiDRD consulting is a full-service advertising and public relations firm. The functions performed by this business range from creation of a campaign to the placement of the ads in the media. DRD consulting was formed in December 1995 by founder and President J. David Diosi with the acquisition of Wilson Corp. in Bridgeport, Ohio.

DRD Consulting is recognized as an "agency" by the media; therefore, is entitled to the special rates offered based on the volume discounts plus a generally accepted 15 percent commission offered by electronic media and outdoor advertising. On the buying side of the business, DRD Consulting will represent numerous customers so that all television stations, radio stations, outdoor advertising companies, newspaper companies, solicitor or any other advertising/public relations entity will deal directly with DRD. This saves DRD Consulting customers' time, the sales representatives' time, and money for all parties involved.

All creations for electronic media, print, outdoor and public relations will be provided by DRD Consulting. Copy, production, script writing, press releases, professional representation and agency rates will be applicable for all of DRD's customers. A "local" flair would be added to the DRD mix; and only long-term partnerships will be pursued.

. . . establish the reputation as being a "role model" business with the highest standards of ethics and trust 
DRD Consulting has worked hard to develop a strong reputation in the Eastern Ohio/Wheeling Metro area as an honest, ethical and talented agency which places the customers' needs above all else. Growth for DRD Consulting has been at a steady upswing with a fivefold increase in revenue since inception of business. DRD Consulting must review and conduct feasibility studies to adapt to this growth trend as well as look for the potential in other areas of advertising and public relations.

DRD Consulting rates will vary from customer to customer, but are reasonable compared to other agencies. Other smaller single-run agencies have been recognized as competitors. In the initial feasibility study conducted by DRD, it was concluded that, geographically, the Ohio Valley area was in need of a full service company such as DRD Consulting which would perform the those duties and serve as a "delegator" when handling all advertising and PR activities in the most professional manner.

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